• Moderator – RE Joe Fowler
  • Stated Clerk – TE Greg King
  • Treasurer – RE Don Barnett


Board of Trustees:

  • Chairman – RE Joe Fowler
  • Secretary – TE Greg King
  • Treasurer – RE Don Barnett
  • RE Tom Bryan (Class of 2016)
  • TE Legree Finch (Class of 2017)
  • RE Stephen Murphy (Class of 2018)
  • Board Members – Current Chairmen of the Presbytery Permanent Committees



Parliamentarian – TE David Hall

Permanent Committees & Commissions:

Our Presbytery is actively involved in serving Christ and advancing his kingdom, due in large part to the participation and labors of the members listed below. If you are a new member of our presbytery, we encourage you to find one or two committees on which you would be interested in serving and notify the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

All committees and commissions are listed below. In each case, RE = Ruling Elder, TE = Teaching Elder, and each person’s term is completed at the end of the year indicated (where applicable). Vacancies can be filled at any meeting of Presbytery; new classes for most committees are elected at the Fall stated meeting.

Missions Committee

Chairman: TE David Hall
2017: TE David Hall, TE Cameron Barham, RE Kirk Swanson
2018: TE Martin Hawley, RE Jeffery Talley, RE Stephen Murphy
2019: TE Jim Whittle, TE Jody Stancil, RE Loran Wills, TE Legree Finch

Credentials Committee

Chairman: TE David Gilbert
2017: TE Josh McIntire, RE Tom Chapman, TE Wes Calton
2018: TE Clif Daniell, RE James Scott, RE Ernie Hawley, TE David Gilbert
2019: TE Joel Smit, TE Ross Ritter, RE Jim Friday

Shepherding & Christian Education Committee

Chairman: TE Robie Hembree
2017: TE Ted Lester, RE Joel Grubbs, TE Gilbert Moore, TE Andrew Hendley, RE Jonathan Stuckert
2018: RE Wes Richardson, TE Tom Myers, TE Martin Hawley,, TE Robie Hembree
2019: TE Marc Harrington, RE Jim Zeller, RE Troy Snyder, RE Rob McGregor

RUF at Kennessaw State University

Chairman: TE Ross Ritter
2017 TE Cameron Barham
2018 RE Phillip Lucas, RE Wes Richardson
2019: RE Eric Rauch, TE Ben Thomas, TE Ross Ritter

Administration Committee

Chairman: RE Joe Fowler (Moderator)
Meets 3 weeks before each presbytery meeting
Members: chairmen of permanent committees; the moderator; the stated clerk; and the treasurer

Review of Session Records Committee

Chairman: RE Butch Watson
2017: RE Rob MacGregor, TE Matthew Rabe
2018: RE Butch Watson, TE David Barry
2019: RE Jerry Kloth, TE Toby Holt


GA 2017 Comm. of Commissioners
RE Administration –
RE CDM (Committee on Discipleship Ministries) –
TE Covenant College –
RE Covenant Seminary –
RE Interchurch Relations –
RE Overtures –
TE Overtures –
RE PCA Foundation –
TE Ridge Haven –


Presbyters on General Assembly Permanent Committees
Nominations: RE Wes Richardson (Midway)
RPR: Greg King (First Summerville)